I re-relase this one because the previous build was erroneous. Sorry about that.
A patch version for fixing crashes and more support for irregular module files:

MPPWC v0.96.7 (Winamp Installer) (re-released: 05.05.2014)
MPPWC v0.96.7 (Zip version) (re-released: 05.05.2014)

A new patch version for fixing mostly Impulse Tracker related issues:
MPPWC v0.96.6 (Winamp Installer) (released: 11.18.2013)
MPPWC v0.96.6 (Zip version) (released: 11.18.2013)

Fix for IT panning problem:
MPPWC v0.96.5 (Winamp Installer) (released: 05.26.2013)
MPPWC v0.96.5 (Zip version) (released: 05.26.2013)

Very small fixes:
MPPWC v0.96.4 (Winamp Installer) (released: 05.16.2013)
MPPWC v0.96.4 (Zip version) (released: 05.16.2013)

I've fixed some annoying things:
MPPWC v0.96.3 (Winamp Installer) (released: 11.02.2012)
MPPWC v0.96.3 (Zip version) (released: 11.02.2012)

Some new additions:
MPPWC v0.96.2 (Winamp Installer) (released: 05.16.2012)
MPPWC v0.96.2 (Zip version) (released: 05.16.2012)

Some fixes for 0.96:
MPPWC v0.96.1 (Winamp Installer) (released: 03.15.2012)
MPPWC v0.96.1 (Zip version) (released: 03.15.2012)

MPPWC v0.95 (Winamp Installer) (released: 08.19.2011)
MPPWC v0.95 (Zip version) (released: 08.19.2011)