dgVoodoo 2

Starting with version 2.6, dynamic shader compiling is available for Glide API components. DirectX components have their own internal shader code generator.
To enable that, you need D3DCompiler_43.dll. Starting with 2.53 an updated compiler version, _47, is also supported.
See the readmes for more information.

You also need the 3Dfx splash dlls for Glide if you want 3Dfx splash screen or watermark (shameless plug) through dgVoodoo.

You may also need D3DRM.dll (Direct3D Retained mode) for some games and demos.
It's not part of the OS since Windows Vista.

Latest stable version:

Incremental update to 2.63.2:
dgVoodoo v2.64  - for regular usage (re-released: 17.06.2020) - password: shitgoogle
dgVoodoo v2.64 (spec release with Debug Layer)  - for API tracing (re-released: 17.06.2020) - password: shitgoogle

See general test results
See general test results (demos)

dgVoodoo WIP75.1 (work-in-progress, untested version):

dgVoodoo WIP75.1 (released: 02.08.2020)
dgVoodoo WIP75.1 (spec release with debug layer) (released: 02.08.2020)

dgVoodoo API - for developers:

dgVoodoo API v2.63 (released: 25.12.2019)
dgVoodoo API v2.62.1 (released: 27.09.2019)
dgVoodoo API v2.61 (released: 02.08.2019)
dgVoodoo API v2.55.4 (released: 09.01.2019)

Older versions:

Incremental update to 2.63.1:
dgVoodoo v2.63.2  - for regular usage (re-released: 17.04.2020) - password: shitgoogle
dgVoodoo v2.63.2 (spec release with Debug Layer)  - for API tracing (re-released: 17.04.2020) - password: shitgoogle

Incremental update to 2.63:
dgVoodoo v2.63.1  - for regular usage (re-released: 19.01.2020) - password: shitgoogle
dgVoodoo v2.63.1 (spec release with Debug Layer)  - for API tracing (re-released: 19.01.2020) - password: shitgoogle

New algorithm/resampling filters for image output:
dgVoodoo v2.63  - for regular usage (released: 25.12.2019)
dgVoodoo v2.63 (spec release with Debug Layer)  - for API tracing (released: 25.12.2019)

Incremental update to 2.62.2:
dgVoodoo v2.62.3  - for regular usage (released: 20.11.2019) - password: shitgoogle
dgVoodoo v2.62.3 (spec release with Debug Layer)  - for API tracing (released: 20.11.2019) - password: shitgoogle (fucking google just thinks it's a malware)

Incremental update to 2.62.1:
dgVoodoo v2.62.2  - for regular usage (released: 14.11.2019)
dgVoodoo v2.62.2 (spec release with Debug Layer)  - for API tracing (released: 14.11.2019)

Incremental update to 2.62:
dgVoodoo v2.62.1  - for regular usage (released: 27.09.2019)
dgVoodoo v2.62.1 (spec release with Debug Layer)  - for API tracing (released: 27.09.2019)

First version of D3D9, internal shader code generator and a lot of bugfixings:
dgVoodoo v2.62  - for regular usage (re-released: 15.09.2019)
dgVoodoo v2.62 (spec release with Debug Layer)  - for API tracing (re-released: 15.09.2019)

dgVoodoo v2.61  - for regular usage (released: 02.08.2019)
dgVoodoo v2.61 (spec release with Debug Layer)  - for API tracing (released: 02.08.2019)

dgVoodoo v2.6  - for regular usage (released: 04.07.2019)
dgVoodoo v2.6 (spec release with Debug Layer)  - for API tracing (released: 04.07.2019)

Special release with debug layer, new features and a lot of fixes:
dgVoodoo v2.55.4.1  - for regular usage (released: 01.03.2019) - password: dege
dgVoodoo v2.55.4.1 (spec release with Debug Layer)  - for API tracing (released: 01.03.2019)

dgVoodoo v2.55.4  - for regular usage (released: 06.10.2018)
dgVoodoo v2.55.4 (spec release with Debug Layer)  - for API tracing (released: 06.10.2018)

dgVoodoo v2.55.3  - for regular usage (re-released: 08.08.2018)
dgVoodoo v2.55.3 (spec release with Debug Layer)  - for API tracing (re-released: 08.08.2018)

dgVoodoo v2.55.2  - for regular usage (released: 07.06.2018; password is "dege")
dgVoodoo v2.55.2 (spec release with Debug Layer)  - for API tracing (released: 07.06.2018)

dgVoodoo v2.55.1  - for regular usage (released: 24.05.2018)
dgVoodoo v2.55.1 (spec release with Debug Layer)  - for API tracing (released: 24.05.2018)

dgVoodoo v2.55  - for regular usage (released: 24.03.2018)
dgVoodoo v2.55 (spec release with Debug Layer)  - for API tracing (released: 24.03.2018)

A lot of fixes, new features:
dgVoodoo v2.54 (released: 25.04.2017)

Dynamic resolutions, GeForce4-style shadow buffering and lot of bugfixings:
dgVoodoo v2.53 (released: 11.09.2016)

New output API's, resolution overriding for DirectX implementation, improved DirectShow compatibility, and bugfixings:
dgVoodoo v2.52 (released: 31.05.2016)

Lot of DX8 bugfixings, DX/Glide bugfixings, some new features:
dgVoodoo v2.51 (released: 12.03.2016)

First version of D3D8 implementation is added, dynamic shader compiling for all components
for much better performance, and a lot of bugfixings:
dgVoodoo v2.5 (released: 09.01.2016)

Refactored code for DirectX for multidevice support and other planned features,
DXTC compression support is added, other missing things are implemented and various fixes:
dgVoodoo v2.45 (released: 30.07.2015)

Support for compressed textures is added, some other development and bugfixings:
dgVoodoo v2.44 (released: 17.05.2015)

Various bugfixings again:
dgVoodoo v2.43 (released: 01.04.2015)

Various bugfixings:
dgVoodoo v2.42 (released: 20.02.2015)

Direct3D 3 support is added and a lot of bugs/incompatibilites are fixed:
dgVoodoo v2.41 (released: 24.01.2015)

First version of DirectX 5, 6 and 7 support is added and a few Glide bugs are fixed:
dgVoodoo v2.4 (released: 11.23.2014)

A few things missing are included:
dgVoodoo v2.32 (released: 04.14.2014)

A patch version:
dgVoodoo v2.31 (released: 04.10.2014)

First version of DirectDraw emulation added, minor bugfixing:
dgVoodoo v2.3 (released: 01.16.2014)

Napalm build added, some bugfixings:
dgVoodoo v2.2 (released: 06.12.2013)

Some new developments, optimizations and bugfixings:
dgVoodoo v2.15 (released: 04.23.2013)

Fix for Gulikoza's new Glide patch + bugfixing and other:
dgVoodoo v2.14 (released: 03.17.2013)

Some new fixings and additions:
dgVoodoo v2.13 (released: 03.07.2013)

Some new fixings and optimizations:
dgVoodoo v2.12 (released: 02.17.2013)

After all I bought a low-end ATI card to see what is on that side. Unfortunately a thing needed to be fixed because of ATI drivers.
dgVoodoo v2.11 (released: 02.03.2013)

I have done some postprocess work and fixings:
dgVoodoo v2.1 (released: 01.24.2013)

Here is the first fastfix for 2.0:
dgVoodoo v2.01 (released: 01.09.2013)