dgVoodoo 2

Warning: Strong iron needed! For more, see the readme.
Update: According to the experienced results and thanks to heavy development on shaders you do not need a monster GPU.
A 3-4 years old nVidia or ATI card will do it in general.

If you encounter a zip having password then use "dege" as password.
Sorry about that but I have to guard against permanent false positive alarms of fucking virus killers.

Various bugfixings again:
dgVoodoo v2.43 (released: 01.04.2015)

Various bugfixings:
dgVoodoo v2.42 (released: 20.02.2015)

Direct3D 3 support is added and a lot of bugs/incompatibilites are fixed:
dgVoodoo v2.41 (released: 24.01.2015)

First version of DirectX 5, 6 and 7 support is added and a few Glide bugs are fixed:
dgVoodoo v2.4 (released: 11.23.2014)

A few things missing are included:
dgVoodoo v2.32 (released: 04.14.2014)

A patch version:
dgVoodoo v2.31 (released: 04.10.2014)

First version of DirectDraw emulation added, minor bugfixing:
dgVoodoo v2.3 (released: 01.16.2014)

Napalm build added, some bugfixings:
dgVoodoo v2.2 (released: 06.12.2013)

Some new developments, optimizations and bugfixings:
dgVoodoo v2.15 (released: 04.23.2013)

Fix for Gulikoza's new Glide patch + bugfixing and other:
dgVoodoo v2.14 (released: 03.17.2013)

Some new fixings and additions:
dgVoodoo v2.13 (released: 03.07.2013)

Some new fixings and optimizations:
dgVoodoo v2.12 (released: 02.17.2013)

After all I bought a low-end ATI card to see what is on that side. Unfortunately a thing needed to be fixed because of ATI drivers.
dgVoodoo v2.11 (released: 02.03.2013)

I have done some postprocess work and fixings:
dgVoodoo v2.1 (released: 01.24.2013)

Here is the first fastfix for 2.0:
dgVoodoo v2.01 (released: 01.09.2013)


Yet another Tracker Module Decoder - MPPWC
I've finished renewing my old music player and thought I share it as a Winamp input plugin. Somebody may like it.
(Executables are now zipped to avoid false positive virus alarms through the network for the NSIS installer.)

I re-relase this one because the previous build was erroneous. Sorry about that.
A patch version for fixing crashes and more support for irregular module files:
MPPWC v0.96.7 (Winamp Installer) (re-released: 05.05.2014)
MPPWC v0.96.7 (Zip version) (re-released: 05.05.2014)

A new patch version for fixing mostly Impulse Tracker related issues:
MPPWC v0.96.6 (Winamp Installer) (released: 11.18.2013)
MPPWC v0.96.6 (Zip version) (released: 11.18.2013)

Fix for IT panning problem:
MPPWC v0.96.5 (Winamp Installer) (released: 05.26.2013)
MPPWC v0.96.5 (Zip version) (released: 05.26.2013)

Very small fixes:
MPPWC v0.96.4 (Winamp Installer) (released: 05.16.2013)
MPPWC v0.96.4 (Zip version) (released: 05.16.2013)

I've fixed some annoying things:
MPPWC v0.96.3 (Winamp Installer) (released: 11.02.2012)
MPPWC v0.96.3 (Zip version) (released: 11.02.2012)

Some new additions:
MPPWC v0.96.2 (Winamp Installer) (released: 05.16.2012)
MPPWC v0.96.2 (Zip version) (released: 05.16.2012)

Some fixes for 0.96:
MPPWC v0.96.1 (Winamp Installer) (released: 03.15.2012)
MPPWC v0.96.1 (Zip version) (released: 03.15.2012)

MPPWC v0.95 (Winamp Installer) (released: 08.19.2011)
MPPWC v0.95 (Zip version) (released: 08.19.2011)


dgVoodoo is a glide wrapper for Windows and DOS applications.

Ok, I've made a new build after a year. But it's still a beta...
download dgVoodoo v1.50 Beta2 (released: 06.03.2007)
1.50 Beta, can be problematic because it's quite untested.
download dgVoodoo v1.50 Beta (released: 05.28.2006)

New: 1.40+, command line interface for setup
Re-released: a mistyping in the source in the last minute made it crashy... I've just noticed it. Sorry, it always sucks. :|
download dgVoodoo v1.40+ (re-released: 10.05.2005)

download dgVoodoo v1.31 with screenshots (released: 09.25.2004)
download dgVoodoo v1.31 without screenshots (released: 09.25.2004)

If you have problems with dgVoodoo then you should try the logging version,
even if you have only graphical glitches; dgVoodoo writes a lot of warnings in the logfile:
download dgVoodoo v1.40+_log (re-released: 10.05.2005)
download dgVoodoo v1.31_log (released: 09.25.2004)

Patch program for POD for Pentium4 and AMD Athlon processors, you may find it useful:
download POD_P4AMD_Patcher.zip (released: 02.04.2006) Updated! Support for AMD Athlon!

For Red Baron 3D, see Mark Polovski's website: http://www.polovski.com
and direct link to his help page of dgVoodoo: http://www.polovski.com/FAQ/dgvoodoo.htm

If you have fatal problems with dgVoodoo, see forums at VOGONS, it may help you:


If you still have problems, then delete all this stuff and forget it.